The 5 Distrosnacks we’ve used to grow Visible

Each afternoon, the 500Startups Distribution team sends out an incredibly engaging GIF-of-the day email that we read religiously here at Visible…partially because we, like most humans, can never get enough great GIFs but also because each mail features a quick and easily implementable growth tip on topics like A/B testing, content marketing and messaging.

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Over time, we have implemented a few of the best lessons as we work to grow Visible.

Since I’m not nearly as creative as the 500Startups team when it comes to finding relevant GIFs, I simply leveraged Slack’s new /Giphy feature to make do.

1. More Landing Pages, More Visitors

The Distrosnack

Companies with 15+ landing pages get 55% more signups than those with 10 or fewer.

Customize landing pages:

  • By channel
  • By campaign
  • By user segment / persona

The Implementation

Over the past 6 months, we have increased our number of landing pages by 105% and with that have seen improvements in our inbound performance as well as higher conversion rates on those pages vs. on our home page as a result of being able to target pages to specific audiences and make the content on the page hyper-relevant.

The increase in landing pages has been a factor in improving our Hubspot Marketing Score, which they define as:

“ A holistic measure of a site’s online presence as measured by HubSpot’s Marketing Grader on a scale of 0–100.”

Our Hubspot Marketing Score over time.

While we haven’t put up Tesla-level scores quite yet, we are getting there.

2. The Growth Toolkit

Wouldn’t that chart look better on Visible?

The Distrosnack

Here is the 500Startup Growth Toolkit:

  • Segment (aggregate / integrate all your analytics)
  • Intercom (event-based email and in-app messaging)
  • Buzzsumo (research the best keywords and phrases for inbound/content marketing)
  • ToutApp (send tracked 1-to-1 emails)
  • UserTesting (qualitative UX testing with real users)
  • SimilarWeb (traffic source comparison aka spy on competitors)
  • (data harvesting)
  • Unbounce and Instapage (two words: SMOKE TESTS)

The Implementation

We have used almost every one of the tools above at one point or another and have settled on a toolkit that we’ve found fits our team and workflows the best.

Here is the growth toolkit that we currently employ at Visible:

  • Heap Analytics (funnel and event tracking)
  • Intercom (event-based email and in-app messaging)
  • Buzzsumo (research the best keywords and phrases for inbound/content marketing)
  • Outreach (run targeted drip “smarketing” campaigns)
  • Hubspot (landing pages, social publishing and monitoring, keyword research, email newsletter…you name it!)
  • Kimono Labs & (data harvesting)
  • Instapage (landing pages, A/B testing)
  • Formstack (forms)
  • Zapier (the pipes that let all of our tools talk to one another so that we can gain better insight into our actions)

3. Leverage the Thank You Page

Zac Efron: One of the few remaining celebrities without a startup.

The Distrosnack

Don’t think of your Thank You page as a throw-away just because the user completed your desired action:

  • Confirm registration details
  • Invite friends
  • Get the mobile app

The Implementation

We recently released our first book, titled “The Ultimate Guide to Startup Data Distribution” and with that, put together a landing page where people could download the book in exchange for an email. Pretty standard.

Heeding the advice from this Distrosnack, we also built a thank you page to help keep people who had just converted in our “universe,” directing them to a page where they could sign up for Visible.

The result? 25% of people who downloaded the book ended up signing up for Visible. While we don’t have a ton of comps to go off of, this seems like a pretty great conversion rate and helped contribute, in part, to the biggest week we’ve ever had at Visible

4. Worship Information Hierarchy

The Distrosnack

Look at the ratio of things that you can be do on a landing page vs the number of things that you should be doing. As attention ratio goes down, your conversion rate goes up. Exception: multiple links with the same goal.

Worship information hierarchy. What do people want? Put that first, draw attention to it, remove everything that’s not important.

The Implementation

As noted, we’ve used a few different tools to build what we feel (and the stats back up) are effective landing pages with effective, targeted messaging and fewer distractions. Here are a couple recent landing pages we’ve built that have done an effective job of minimizing the number of actions a viewer can take in order to drive conversions.

5. Marketing Multiplier

The Distrosnack

Marketing is a massive force multiplier that gives you leverage in hiring, fundraising and sales. It’s not just about lead gen. It’s about positioning your company in a way that’s relevant and exciting to your stakeholders. Everything is easier with great marketing. “We don’t do marketing” is not something to be proud of.

The Implementation

We are all about staying relevant to our stakeholders — and helping others do the same — here at Visible and we have used content marketing as a way to give customers, investors, partners (and anyone who may become one of those three things) insight into how we run the business, think about the market, and build our product.

In addition to the post you are currently reading, here are a few examples:

If your company is using any other Distrosnacks to grow your business, I’d love to hear what they are and how you’ve implemented them! Shoot me an email at brett at

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