Request for Product: “TalkThrough”

I find myself walking by myself a lot — taking my dog out multiple times per day, 40 minute walk to work a couple of times per week — and have increasingly been trying to use those free moments for productive reflection, planning, and thinking about problems I may be trying to tackle either professionally or personally.

What I am yet to find is a handsfree (or mostly handsfree) solution where I can leave my phone in my pocket and “talk through” whatever it is that is on my mind through a set of pre-structured questions that are either recurring (ex. 5 daily questions reflecting on the day before) or ad hoc (ex. as a founder, creating a list of common investor objections that I can vocally bat around with myself).

I’d be able to move through the various questions (and maybe even move to different question sets entirely) only using voice commands (“next question”) and the notes would then be transcribed, indexed, and made available in whatever my personal system of record is (I use Bear App).

There are a lot of things that almost work. Evernote supports transcription pretty well. Companies like have built great voice note taking apps. You can even create workaround with products like VideoAsk from Typeform. And based on this tweet, it does seem like there are people already working on this idea.

Everything I’ve seen still requires a decent amount of tapping on my screen, something I’d prefer to stay away from in moments where I am trying to think deeply on a subject. So this initial application or workflow to may lend itself to being built primarily on top of AirPods.

On Product Hunt, I saw an interesting comment from the creator of Listen App who noted that “podcasts are tapping into the last frontier of human attention: multi-tasking/on-the-go attention (70% are commuting)”.

What I’m looking for is something to tap into that same attention gap for moments where I am looking to “lean forward” (create content, think deeply, etc.) instead of “leaning back”, which I already do plenty of via my addiction to podcasts.

If you are building anything in this space — or even tangentially related — get in touch, I’d love to learn more!