Brett Bivens
Brett Bivens

Brett Bivens

Hey, I'm Brett đź‘‹

I am a researcher, writer, and investor interested in how technology, culture, and science come together to push society forward.

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I love experimenting with new content formats and ways of communicating ideas. This page is the online home for all of the things I have written on the internet over the years. If you want to get updates when I publish a new post, you can subscribe to my newsletter or follow me at @BrettBivens.

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Screenshot Riffs

These are a collection of shorter essays pulling together voice and images in an attempt to distill an idea into a more crisp format than a full essay. In some cases, I expand these shorter ideas into larger essays. Shout out to both Eric Stromberg and Ryan Dawidjan for the inspiration.

The Nuance Stack (Tweet)


Consumer Subscription — Hidden Moats and Expansion Opportunities (Tweet)

This screenshot riff was a remix of an essay from Eric Stromberg of Bedrock Capital.

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I have had the chance to be a guest on a number of podcasts. Here are a couple that I think provide good context for the ideas I am working on and the investment areas I am excited about.

The Seedtable Podcast

Structural Shifts, by Aperture